Workstation Purchase, Set Up, and Tune Up
Almost everybody uses computers at work today. After time PCs can slow down. It pays to keep them in top working order so people can use them effectively.
In a business environment there are many reasons. Physically dirty, old programs, disc drives that have become clogged with old files. That is just scratching the surface. Sometimes, older technology just isn't capable of doing what we ask of it any longer.
We can clean them, help speed them up, or work on a migration strategy that you can afford. We have experienced service desk personnel to help keep your technology investment running smoothly. Services include workstation tune ups, loading software and even creating customized training for the packages you use day in and day out.
Point of Sale Systems
We have set up retail point of sale systems that integrate with your accounting packages. We also have contacts in the community with several payment system vendors to help you get the best rate with the right processing options for your business.
Web Development, Hosting and Workstations
Quite frankly, web sites today can do more to drive dollars into your business. As you can see, we don't go in for lots of flash and photos. We prefer sites that load fast and have meaningful content. Our research tells us that is what most people look for also.
It can be an important way for you to communicate with your customers. We can secure a name for your site, create the web site, arrange hosting, and coordinate with marketing tools to provide a harmonized approach to your sales efforts.
The proliferation of blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media offer new and exciting ways to stay in touch. They should coordinate with, not replace, the paper media that still run your business. Business cards, brochures, invoices and letterhead should tell your message to customers and prospects.
What Gets Measured Improves
Do your employees love their jobs and come to work each day excited about the challenges before them? Are you positive that you are delivering services as quickly as possible?
Metrics can identify important events and trends in the organization and can help guide the organization make informed decisions.
When we work as partners, we will develop metrics to give you a clear view of the key indicators about employee success, process effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
Sometimes the metrics will be simple, like Casual Friday only when the team made monthly quotas. The idea is not to make measurement hard or tricky. It works best when we develop metrics that are always in front of you, easy to understand, and help drive business decisions.
How Would You Like Two Hours Extra Time...Every Day
We know that can sound like a dream. Two more hours to complete that strategic plan. Two more hours to manage your top performer to even better results. How about two more hours to spend with your family. You have built a successful company, don't you deserve to benefit from that now?
We can really help here. Let us manage the day to day tasks that can drain so much of your time and focus. Let us plan and facilitate that next meeting so you can prepare and participate. We can give you one of the greatest gifts in business today, the gift of time.
Privacy Policy
You work hard at your business. There is always something to worry about. Let Turtle Pond manage your IT needs. Let Us Worry For You
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