Don't You See Connections Everywhere?
It seems that whether I am in a client meeting or the grocery store checkout, I find there are lessons to be learned. Connections between the problem we are trying to solve and the way the players are working together on the soccer field. Or maybe we will find a solution to a problem at a manufacturer in a method used by a small restaurant.
Check out our blog and see if any of the stories "connect" with you.
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Good News From Small and Medium Business This is good news from the Small and Medium Business (SMB) world. As more businesses are feeling the need to grow, they are using technology to help them. The game has really changed when replacing a PC that is 4, 5 or 6 years old. Meanwhile, the early indicators for this year show PC sales surging. Recently, Intel, the world’s largest PC chip maker, reported the highest first-quarter sales, $10.3 billion, and profit, $2.4 billion, in its history. After digesting Intel’s results, a number of Wall Street analysts said on Wednesday that the PC market could grow as much as 25 percent this year.
The Excellent Gift of Underwear Somebody mentioned to me that a birthday gift they received was not much of a gift. It was practical and useful, not shiny and frivolous. Then she made the remark that It was like getting underwear for Christmas. Right then I realized that underwear is exactly what I am trying to give to my clients. I do not want to provide flashy service or fancy packaging that doesnt provide real value. The economy is turning around, slowly, but I dont think we have gone back to purchases just for the sake of spending money.
Who's Your Rock Star When I was spending time in the corporate world, I had a friend named Vanessa. She was a corporate attorney. When I did my job well, she called me a Rock Star. Man that felt good. The Blue Man Group has a music tour that gave instruction on how to become a rock star. Man that was fun. Obviously, being a Rock Star can be a good thing. And I have a new Rock Star.
Confidence Plus Capability Equal Credibility I was having conversation with some friends the other day about a silly premise: A 3rd grade student should be able to teach 2nd grader. After all, they have learned everything and should be able to share that knowledge with somebody else.
9 Ways to Speed Up Your PC By following a few simple guidelines, you can maintain your computer and keep it running smoothly. This article discusses how to use the Windows tools to maintain your computer.
Networking Events Are A Waste Of Time If networking is viewed as a chance to catch up with friends, networking is a waste of time. Throw a party instead. If networking is viewed as 90 minutes of sheer terror, then networking is a waste of your time. Go see a movie instead.
5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy Today there are all sorts of lists. I recently sat with some friends and we talked about how small business owners can help keep their customers happy. Keeping customers happy means keeping them as customers.
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