About Us
Turtle Pond Resources is a collection of professionals that have spent years in the corporate world.
But for many people, there comes a time in their career where it is more important to do work that matters.
Our team has corporate experience but they choose to work with businesses where each task is important.
We work hard to listen completely when our customers talk. We will work with you so we both understand your situation and requirements. After we agree to that, we will propose solutions.
What Is Different About Us
1 Attitude. We take the work seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We know IT problems can be very aggravating and confusing. We will approach it in a calm, professional manner. Our goal is to make sure you are relaxed and assure you understand the problem before we complete the work.
2 No long term contracts. Sometimes, small business owners need 3 hours of work, not a 3 month contract. When we work out a statement of work, the hourly rate for services goes down as the job gets bigger. That is part of our commitment to keeping IT work affordable. We will both agree to the work objectives and the price up front. No surprises, no retainers and no charges for work that is never performed.
3 Our customers enjoy 90 days of free support after all projects. That support will include email and phone check ins. We will also stop by at least one time each month to make sure you are happy. We will provide a log so your staff can write down any technology issues they have, and we can address them quickly. Our turtles will not leave you hanging.
4 We are a Christian company. That does not mean we will corner you in the lunch room. What you will see is that we work hard, as if we are working for a higher power. That is because we are.
Privacy Policy
You work hard at your business. There is always something to worry about. Let Turtle Pond manage your IT needs. Let Us Worry For You
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