The Turtle Pond Referral Program
The Turtle Pond Referral Program is very simple. And it is an easy way for you to get your IT and technology services for free. This program is so simple I am sure everybody can do it.
When Turtle Pond completes a service, the customer, invoice amount and date is entered into the Rebate Tracker. Wh you refer a new customer or new business, that work applies toward the original invoice amount.
If that referral becomes a new invoice within 60, 20% of that invoice, up to 20% of your bill, gets credited to your account on the tracker.
If you refer 5 new customers to the Turtle Pond, your original invoice is FREE.
For example, if your bill is $500 and you refer 3 customers where their bill is $600 each, you will receive a 60% rebate. That is $300 dollars in your pocket.
Unfortunately, if your bill was $1,000 and you refer 3 $100 clients, your bill won't be free. But you will still get 3 x 20% of those $100 bills. That is $60 you didn't have in your pocket. Let's go shopping.
There are no rewards cards to keep, no surveys to fill out. We just give you money.
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You work hard at your business. There is always something to worry about. Let Turtle Pond manage your IT needs. Let Us Worry For You
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